ELV Systems

Our professional ELV Systems include a wide range of quality surveillance and communication equipment, including networking, CCTV & Security systems for all type of buildings and applications.

Oasis Enterprises’ ELV Systems professional project division offers state of the art ELV systems and highly advanced products. ELV refers to ‘Extra Low Voltage’ systems, which include various systems in buildings, with various applications, that require low voltages to operate. The most commonly used ELV systems are data transmitters, CCTV, access control, public address systems, security systems, networking, telephones, fire alarms, LAN and master clock systems. The ELV Systems provided by us is a combination of the best equipment and third-party control systems, as well as exceptional building automation systems. Professional turn-key project designing and execution services provided by us result in an effective comprehensive, centralized building management system.
We provide a wide range of security and communication ELV solutions for various businesses, residential, and other buildings. From hassle-free HD IP CCTV systems, used at airports and shopping malls, to large-format video walls used in highway control rooms, our ELV systems can satisfy your every need. Our team of professionals at Oasis Enterprises’ Security and Surveillance division offers innovative and advanced designs and solutions, by understanding your needs and requirements, using the latest technology. CCTV or closed circuit television systems are used to transmit signals to a specific place, which is displayed on a limited number of monitors with feed access. Unlike broadcast television, the signals transmitted by CCTV systems are secure and not open, and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Our CCTV systems are used in hospitals, restaurants, convenience stores, schools, airports, clinics, hotels and many other buildings that require CCTV surveillance and monitoring.
Our IP cameras or Internet Protocol cameras are more advanced than analog CCTV surveillance systems, that send live feed through a computer network or the internet. Centralized IP cameras consist of a network video recorder, which is available in several types, these include standard IP cameras, infrared IP cameras, IP cameras with motion sensors, etc.. While decentralized IP cameras record surveillance feed to external storage, network-attached storage or to servers, and do not require network video recorders. Our IP cameras are connected to remotely display equipment through a secure or encrypted wireless connection, which requires access credentials.
Our PA or Public Address systems and Voice alarms are an effective means of public warning alerts or communication. PA systems help stabilize and coordinate large crowds in case of an emergency, through which instructions and announcements can easily be made. Voice alarms and PA systems are extremely useful during fires and emergency evacuation procedures to maintain order and coordinate large groups.
We undertake planning, designing, and installing complete ELV systems, from complete security and fire alarm systems, PA systems, public instruction and voice alarms, to access control and automation, and secure entry solutions. Our services are tailor-made, completely different for each project, based on several unique factors, risks, and issues that need to be taken care of and minimized. A few of the individual products used to set up our effective operational security and surveillance systems include wire and wireless cameras, LCD monitors, DVRs, networking equipment, PA systems, and so on.
ELV networking includes setting up an effective wireless and wired infrastructure, tailor-made to suit your specialized requirements. Our networking solutions can improve the control, visibility and automation of your building and improve your surveillance and building management capability.
Our ELV systems and surveillance equipment are used in airports, metro stations, shopping malls, stadiums, universities, schools, hotels, and many other residential and commercial buildings in the UAE. With a web-based software, all our surveillance equipment and EVL systems can be controlled and accessed remotely from anywhere, with the right security credentials.

Acoustic solutions

We, Oasis Enterprises, a member of the Al Shirawi Group, consist of a Professional Projects Division (PPD), which includes a full specialized commercial spectrum of activities. One such specialized division of services, products, and solutions offered by us includes designing and supplying Noise control and Acoustic Solutions in Dubai. Our range of acoustic solutions can be broadly categorized based on their purpose into solutions used for blocking sound, absorbing sound, diffusing sound and vibration isolation.

Our specialized products and solutions for blocking sound, also known as soundproofing, includes designing, building and installing panels, lining and other equipment to block sound waves from entering or traveling to other areas or rooms. The products and equipment used in soundproofing a room, studio or building space are made using special materials with the ability to block sound waves from being carried. Our soundproofing solutions are commonly used in studios, theaters, and auditoriums among other business and leisure establishments.

Sound absorbing solutions are mainly used in large rooms with many hard sound-reflective surfaces, causing echoes and increase in volume. Absorptive products and equipment are made of materials specially designed to absorb sound, preventing or eliminating reflection and refraction of sound waves. The working behind these solutions is based on containing sound energy, and reducing reverberation, thereby preventing sound waves from bouncing off hard surfaces in large rooms.

Our sound diffusion solutions are effective for use in studios and other performance spaces, to improve the acoustics of the room. Sound diffusion refers to when acoustic or sound energy is scattered in multiple directions, this results in reducing standing waves and reducing echoes without removing, blocking or absorbing sound waves.

We also provide solutions to isolate vibrations, which is used to reduce or eliminate structure-borne vibrations, caused by various reasons like the booming of a subwoofer through walls or the “thud” of footfall through the ceiling. All sounds travel through vibrations or sound waves in the air, however vibration isolation solutions are used to eliminate, block or isolate vibrations passed through solid structures.

We specialize in providing acoustic solutions in Dubai to various institutions in various fields, such as education, residential, commercial, religious, industrial, hospitality and so on. Our solutions are specially designed and engineered based on the requirements of each project. Most institutions that require acoustic solutions in Dubai have varying requirements, based on the type of activities that take place, type of acoustic solutions required, type of room, and so on.

Our solutions include the use of state of the art equipment, innovative designs and engineering and professional planning to make sure all your acoustic needs are met. We comprise of well-experienced professionals with out of the box innovative ideas and concepts, making our projects unique, effective and best suited for the specific requirements of each and every project. A few of our specialized solutions commonly provided include acoustic paneling, installing bass traps, architectural panels and so on.

Our solutions include the use of state of the art equipment, innovative designs and engineering and professional planning to make sure all your acoustic needs are met. We comprise of well-experienced professionals with out of the box innovative ideas and concepts, making our projects unique, effective and best suited for the specific requirements of each and every project. A few of our specialized solutions commonly provided include acoustic paneling, installing bass traps, architectural panels and so on.

Audio Video Systems

Oasis Enterprises’ Professional Audio Video Project Division is a leading provider of a complete range of Audio Video solutions, services, products and audio video systems in Dubai. We consist of a team of well-experienced professionals from system designers and integration engineers to equipment installation and maintenance professionals and electricians. We base everything we do on one thing, to design audiovisual and integrated systems that are easy for you to use and to suit all your requirements. There are many applications for our audio video systems in Dubai, which include lecture halls, collaborative conferencing and conference halls, digital signage, command centers, and so on. We also undertake other projects like turnkey projects for corporate events and concerts.

As leading providers of audio video systems in Dubai, our team of experts is dedicated and committed to being the best at what they do. Apart from our dedication and commitment to perfection, we offer incomparable customer service and reliability in every aspect of our operations. We specialize in designing strategic, well-engineered audio visual solutions, using state of the art equipment and technology. Our professional project management solutions include end-to-end project management and turnkey projects, which consists of designing tailor-made solutions that cater to every need and issue of individual projects to implementing and installing equipment, training, and system integration. Apart from these services, we offer attractive, efficient and effective maintenance and technical support, exceeding your expectations.

Our inventory includes a wide range of equipment, products, and audio video systems in Dubai. Some of these include screens, projectors, DVRs, speakers, woofers, amplifiers, video cameras, DVD players, hard drive video recorders, frequency reproduction equipment, video scalers, and other audio, video, display, control and recording equipment. We also deal with a collection of digital signage equipment, which is a useful and effective means of advertising and marketing.

The Audio video solutions provided by us extend to both residential and commercial applications, with a large number of clients and successful projects. Our expertise in the field and commitment to perfection has made us leaders in providing complete and unique audio video systems in Dubai. The extension of Audio video systems in Dubai is evident in almost every sector of society. These systems include sound, lighting, projection, video and display systems. We deal with a diverse client base with numerous projects for various private and commercial establishments in various fields. We have clients in various sectors like education, government, healthcare, religion, hospitality and other business and public sectors.

With a large number of individuals who want the best, we offer top-notch audio visual solutions that objectify perfection. The systems, equipment, solutions and services provided by us are quality assured and highly affordable with no extra or hidden charges. Some of our most common residential projects include designing, supplying and installing home theaters, surround sound systems, in-ceiling speakers, controlled lighting, display and sound, and a range of other home AV systems. These projects mainly include private villas, condos, and apartments that require professional designing and integration of audio video systems in Dubai.

CCTV Systems

Whether it's advanced HD IP CCTV equipment and systems used in airports and malls or control rooms to monitor traffic, Oasis PPD provides the best ELV security, access control and CCTV systems in Dubai. Our ELV division specialized in setting up, designing and integrating effective security and surveillance systems, using the latest equipment and technology in the market. Our team offers their expertise to help provide the best user-friendly, advanced CCTV and surveillance solutions for you.

We house a vast inventory of products, equipment, software and brand names that cover a wide range of categories like surveillance, audiovisual, broadcasting, lighting, central control, system integration and so on. All the products we deal with are quality-certified and meet global standards for their applications and uses. A few of our CCTV systems available at our e-store include weatherproof high-speed cameras, IP surveillance cameras, IP box cameras, integrated CCTV systems, archiving and surveillance video recording equipment, and a range of other equipment and accessories. We have a main office and showroom where we have a larger collection of surveillance, security and CCTV systems in Dubai.

Our CCTV and surveillance solutions are engineered to fit the specifications and requirements of each individual project independently. These systems are designed uniquely and innovatively making use of equipment and technology based on your budget and project requirements. Our services are affordable and comply with high standards in terms of quality, making sure you get the best services and support. Our services are backed up by highly qualified technical specialists, technical support staff, maintenance crew and innovative engineers. We can handle any project, no matter how big or technically advanced, with precision and quality from start to finish.

With growing expertise and technological adaptation with the latest technology available in the market, we have become leaders in offering surveillance and CCTV systems in Dubai and around the UAE. We have many successful projects over the years, with an extremely satisfied clientele to our name. Our main values lie in putting the customer first and acknowledging you every requirement, using that as the cornerstone of our project design. As a leader in the market for CCTV systems in Dubai, UAE, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and committed to being the best. In addition to dealing with surveillance and CCTV systems in Dubai, we specialize in maintenance, replacing and upgrading security, surveillance, and CCTV systems in Dubai and other Emirates.

Display Systems Solutions

At Oasis Enterprises, we take pride in what we do, offering our clients with a diverse range of high-quality services and solutions in Dubai. Our Professional Projects Division has four major sectors that deal with Professional AV solutions, Broadcasting solutions, ELV solutions, and Lighting solutions. Each of our divisions consists of highly qualified professionals from various fields and state of the art equipment and technology used in our projects. Our Professional AV division is a prominent entity in the market for Audio Visual Systems, solutions, and equipment, as well as a provider of the latest display systems solutions in Dubai.

As a well-known business entity in several market sectors, our division that offers display systems solutions in Dubai excels in the services and solutions provided. We specialize in designing and putting together standard, integrated and special purpose display systems for various applications in commercial, personal, public, and industrial places. Our clients range from individuals with home and personal projects to commercial clients with office and industrial display requirements. We deal with providing a diverse range of solutions from the latest monitors, display boards, digital signage and screens to huge integrated display projects and office display solutions. Our expertise and access to the latest technology have helped boost our position in the market for display systems / solutions in Dubai.

Our specialized display systems solutions in Dubai include specially engineered display solutions. These include a full range of display solutions, enhanced display systems, touch interface display solutions, industrial display, and integrated and configured monitors. Our products and systems vary in specifications, application, and durability, and are used, selected or designed to suit your requirements. With streamlined designing and engineering, installation, and service, we offer you top class customer friendly solutions and services at affordable costs. We value our customers and base our display solutions on meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Our technical support team is available 24/7 to help assist you with any technical problems and difficulties.

ELV Systems

At Oasis Enterprises’ ELV systems Professional Project Division, we specialize in designing comprehensive ELV (Extra-Low Voltage) Systems for commercial and residential buildings. Our specialization in ELV systems in Dubai involves providing ELV solutions that comply with the required safety and security requirements and meet local, regional and international standards. ELV systems require low electricity supply voltage to operate, with low risk of electrical shock, mainly used for security and control purposes. We provide a large range of ELV solutions using the latest equipment, technology, and ELV systems in Dubai.

Most of the projects that we undertake include designing, integrating and installing complete ELV systems in Dubai for many commercial and residential buildings. A few applications of our ELV systems include:

  • Intercom systems,
  • Alarms and sensors,
  • Access control,
  • Door and vehicle access,
  • Parking management,
  • CCTV,
  • Lighting control systems,
  • Broadcasting and Public Address systems, and so on.

Although ELV is an abbreviation for extra-low voltage systems, it is commonly used to refer to a wide range of ELV systems used in buildings. We specialize in providing tailored ELV security, access and control solutions, which include an entire range of ELV systems in Dubai. Our products and services include a range of advanced equipment and technologies used in home automation, communication, LAN and WLAN, Security systems, CCTV, Access control, Fire alarms, public address systems and TV distribution systems.

Our services are backed by an entire team of experts in various fields like design, electrical, technical support and training, to ensure flawless system engineering that meets your requirements with precision. The initial stage of building the perfect solution that caters to all your needs includes site inspection and customer interaction to conceptualize multiple system designs and possibilities. After the designs and system concepts are approved, our plans are set into action with professional project management from initiation to execution. Our professionals are more than capable of building and installing your ELV systems and dealing with any obstacles that may pose a threat to the design or operation of our systems. Our precision, caution, and expertise have increased our goodwill and contributed to the increased use of our ELV systems in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the other emirates.

The equipment we use and supply meet high-quality standards and are highly effective and reliable. An entire range of products can be found at our head office and showroom at the Al Shirawi building on the Dubai Airport Road. A few Access control systems can be found at our e-store, including fingerprint scanners, network, RF and pin identification equipment as well as advanced RF card recognition systems. The other products available at our store include quality PA systems, Intercom systems, CCTV and IP cameras, surveillance monitors, fire alarms and voice evacuation systems, home and building automation, security and anti-theft alarms, among other ELV systems and equipment.

With a large number of satisfied clients, successful projects and innovative breakthroughs, we aim to keep growing and exceeding customers’ expectations through our services. Our growing expertise and a promise of precision and quality can help you find the perfect ELV solutions for your building or buildings. Our inventory consists of state of the art equipment and software with constant upgrades, improving the quality and effectiveness of our Systems.

System Integration

Our System Integration business unit offers state of the art systems integration, maintenance, and custom integration solutions. With quality expertise provided by our highly qualified systems integration engineers and technicians, Oasis PPD is a leader in providing services like equipment installation, maintenance and system integration in Dubai. Our team of professional Av integrators design and build custom professional AV systems, video conferencing, integrated broadcasting systems, and integrated display, signage and audio systems. We extend our professional integration services to a diverse range of clients from schools and colleges to offices, businesses, and studios in Dubai.

We supply a range of AV and broadcasting equipment and specialize in providing clients with professional System Integration services. We use the standard as well as innovative methods of integrating systems to interconnect a master system with subsystems and several other components. The projects we deal with vary in their requirements significantly, from the type of systems that require integration, type of integration, programming, and equipment installation. Our team of engineers who specialize in systems integration is more that qualified enough to handle any type of AV and security Systems integration. Our custom integrated systems are highly-functional, advanced systems made using state of the art equipment, software, and components. We can help you choose the best system upgrades for a new integrated system setup or choose upgrades compatible with existing integrated systems, adding to its value and functionality.

Some of the projects we deal with the most include media rec rooms, conference rooms and so on. Oasis Enterprises is equipped with the latest integration tools and equipment and highly qualified staff that can meet the needs of any project, no matter the size. Our technicians are the best at integrating and servicing a wide range of products and providing effective solutions for system integration in Dubai. We excel at what we do because we understand your needs and requirements and use the latest high-quality products to facilitate well-engineered integration plans.

We have a dedicated team of designers, consultants, and engineers to ensure that you integration solutions are well planned and executed. The products we use and services we provide meet high international standards and are quality assured. And our services are backed up by a team of expert technical support staff available 24/7 to help you with any technical difficulties. Our team of expert Audio, video and system integrations specialists design and offer the best solutions that fit within your budget and fulfill your needs.

Turnkey Project

At Oasis PPD, Oasis Enterprises’ Professional Project Division, we offer several services and solutions. These services offered by us include designing, development, commissioning, installation, and maintenance of large-scale projects on a turnkey basis. Our turnkey project management division includes a group of highly-skilled individuals, specializing in various fields, with exceptional organizing, planning, and project management skills. Effective planning, implementation, and complete project oversight play key roles in the successful execution of a project.

Our Turnkey projects, unlike most of our small and medium scale projects, involves complete project management, from conceptualizing and drawing out plans, to complete project oversight, effective delegation and project completion. Every aspect of our turnkey projects is planned to perfection and overlooked with precision by a single contractor or team of contractors. We have four specialized divisions, which include professional AV, broadcasting, lighting, and ELV solutions where we offer turnkey projects in Dubai and around the UAE. We undertake turnkey projects in order to provide our clients with top class maintenance and the best comprehensive solutions that cater to their requirements.

Our main mission, at Oasis PPD, is to provide our clients and customers with quality turnkey solutions and products at competitive prices with effective technical and customer support. We have achieved a name for ourselves and are known for providing state of the art solutions and quality expertise to complex projects. We represent a unique line-up of companies, who are leaders in the industries. Over the course of time, we have grown significantly in our specialization of turnkey projects in Dubai, with higher-quality products and more affordable solutions. We represent a diverse range of global brands and prevalent market leaders, through which we have gained vast experience in providing well-engineered system solutions and turnkey projects in Dubai, through our specialized divisions.

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