Professional AV

The Professional AV business unit of Oasis Enterprises PPD is a one-stop shop for all your business technology and AV solutions.

Audio Visual technology has the power to unite, advertise and inspire people unlike any other form of advertising and passing on information. Oasis Enterprises' professional AV division offers a range of the latest Audio, Video and Display equipment and products, and AV solutions in the market. We provide comprehensive AV solutions from initial planning and determining the requirements of a project, and designing integrated AV systems to the installation of pro AV systems and technical support. Our team of experts can provide an estimate and keep the entire cost of production, installation, and maintenance within budget without any compromise in quality, time or functionality. We use state of the art equipment along with the latest IT and AV technology to provide our customers with the highest quality services. We offer the best AV professional services in the region, such as

  • equipment supply,
  • systems integration,
  • project management,
  • system design and implementation,
  • technical support,
  • maintenance,
  • consultancy and training.

Our range of services and products cover audio, video, digital signage, control systems, rec media, AV processing, archiving, IPTV and Media Servers and AV interfaces. We provide professional AV services used in education, military, corporate, medical, entertainment and several other fields.

Professional Audio Solutions

Our Professional Audio Solutions include designing, building and installing effective audio and audio recording systems for conferences, meeting and other events. Our complete range of audio equipment includes many products from various well-known brand manufacturers. We have equipment for various applications and uses with varying output, input, clarity and other specifications. A few of the products available for sale are self-powered subwoofers, passive loudspeakers, passive subwoofers, loudspeaker systems, reinforced loudspeakers, compact loudspeakers, DSP-controlled loudspeakers, processed active speakers, array speaker systems, pole mounted speakers, speaker tripods, cables and other equipment and accessories. Our professional audio system integration is engineered to suit the specifications of each project individually.

Professional Video and Display Solutions

Our comprehensive display, video and media coverage solutions of and for events include a range of professional video recording, editing, conversion, and display equipment and accessories. Dedication and precision form the framework of all that we do, ensuring perfection in every aspect of our services. All our projects are carefully planned by a team of dedicated project managers and technical experts, for perfection in system integration, technical functionality, and control. Our innovative ideas, concepts and their successful application in real world projects and scenarios, resulting in the successful execution of all our projects, have paved a way for our success. We are not restricted by imaginative boundaries, which makes us capable of pushing the barricades of possibilities. A few of the products and equipment used and supplied by us includes on-camera monitors, LCD monitors, video scalers, professional video recorders, projectors, screens, HD projectors, studio monitors, ultra compact video converters, hard drive video recorders, HD combo decks, portable video recorders, portable video players, and a range of other display equipment.

Digital SignBoards and Advertising

Digital Signage has proven to be an effective means of advertising over the past few years. We offer a range of digital signage solutions which include a professional display of videos, images, web content in various private and public environments. These systems commonly consist of a large display device, usually an LCD or LED screen, connected to a playback computer system or device. Our ‘out of the box' thinking and conceptualizing helps us provide effective, unique and attractive digital signage and sign boards that are sure to turn heads. One major advantage of our digital signage services is the ability to update the content display frequently with little or no additional expense. In contrast to other means of customer attraction or advertising such as banners and posters, digital signage offers dynamic, attractive content that automatically draws the attention of passers-by, increasing your pool of potential customers. These products and services include installation, programming and designing display content and digital signage equipment. Our digital signage display equipment come in variants that can be mounted onto floors and other surfaces, roofs, and walls, and even on portable stands.

We promise reliability and efficiency in planning, delivery, and installation of equipment and control systems, with considerable notice. Our timely delivery and affordability have no hidden compensation in terms of quality or hidden costs. We plan and organize our professional AV solutions to fit even the most demanding budgets.



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