Oasis Enterprises at the Top - World's highest permanent lighting installation

Technical Details

Project: Burj Khalifa

Sector: Architectural Lighting

Client: A&O

UAE, DUBAI - How do you illuminate a 100m high metal tube on top of the tallest building in the world? That was exactly the question asked of Oasis Enterprises - Architainment Division - who were called in to solve the challenge.

Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, is over 828m high with more than 160 stories. Oasis Enterprises–Professional Project Division (PPD) had intimate knowledge of the structure and connectivity having already worked on the contract to integrate and programme the festive lighting system comprising over 800 strobes. An on-site mockup test was scheduled within weeks and the concept was enthusiastically embraced by global property developer, Emaar Properties, who gave the green light.

The system comprises four 2kw and two 3kw xenon Falcon spotlights from A&O technology located on the upper terraces. Oasis technicians originally installed rental units to hit the deadline for EID ul Fitr marking the end of Ramadan.

Production units have been installed on custom brackets and connected to the existing building control system providing nightly illumination of the pinnacle. At the request of the tower's facility management team, Oasis Enterprises-PPD reprogrammed the existing touchscreens to add more maintenance functionality. A further touchpanel was added up the spire at 720m which allows each unit to be locally dimmed and tested.

The Oasis Enterprises PPD team took material up and down the spire three times for demo, rental and installation. Considering the distance from the last elevator to the top is almost an Eiffel Tower, it was challenging work during the summer period. The project was executed from start to completion locally in Dubai - with the support of A&O Technology in Abu Dhabi.

About Oasis Enterprises LLC
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