Oasis PPD finds Afghan success

AFGHANISTAN: Dubai-based Oasis Enterprises’ Professional Projects Division has found success in Afghanistan with a number of projects at various universities. Kabul University in Kabul, Nangarhar University in Jalalabad, Mazari Sharif’s Balkh University and Kandahar University located in Kandahar, are all working with Oasis PPD on the installation of A/V & Broadcast systems for their respective TV and radio stations.

The first project came at Kabul University. Here the US embassy’s implementation partner – HUDA Development Organisation – appointed Oasis PPD to install the A/V and broadcast equipment for the university’s media operations centre (MOC). The aim of this project was to give the university’s journalism students hands-on experience to prepare them for their future careers. According to Oasis, the MOC now has state-of-the-art professionally-equipped TV, radio, recording and production studios.

With the installation at Kabul University complete and being put to use by students, Oasis PPD has now turned its attention to the other three projects. The systems integrator is currently onsite at each of the remaining three university campuses.

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