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Oasis Enterprises offers a range of the latest Audio, Video and Display equipment and solutions in the market. Our range of services and products cover audio, video, digital signage, control systems, recording media, AV processing, Archiving, IPTV and Media servers and AV interfaces, on-camera monitors, LCD monitors, video scalers, projectors, screens, ultra-compact video converters, HD Combo decks and a range of other display equipment.

Our talented team is capable of meeting unique challenges by providing creative solutions using our wide range of products. We provide professional AV services used in education, military, corporate, medical, entertainment, worship and several other fields.

Professional Audio

What is professional audio?

Sound systems are required as a communication tool, a conduit, to reproduce sound – both pre-recorded and live, from our living rooms to concert venues, from our office meeting rooms to very large systems – that can cover tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of listeners.

Sound systems used at musical concerts, live theatre, corporate gatherings, conferences, worship and even political events are termed as professional audio. These could be permanently installed in a venue or temporary setups (rental), from simple deployable systems to very large and complex systems that can address tens, if not hundreds of thousands of audience members. You will be surprised how often you encounter these – your office meeting space, school, university and corporate auditorium, sports clubs and stadia, theatres, clubs, performance arenas, houses of worship as well as exhibition spaces are candidates for professional audio systems.

What is a good sound system?

At its core, the job of a well-designed sound system is to transmit the sound source- voice, instrument or music – faithfully and consistently, at the right volume, without distortion to all audience members. This can be considered ‘Hi-Fi’ as in high fidelity. This is highly desirable as it makes the audio system easier to use and helps produces consistent results which translates to the music, message, teaching, and any other program material, transmitted faithfully to the listener.

Great, but all of this sounds complicated?

Well-designed sound systems have been designed for decades and is achievable – As long as you understand and respect the unforgiving laws of physics when it comes to acoustics, microphones, loudspeakers and their inter-play. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but most spaces can have ‘great solutions’.

In our design process, we factor in variables including acoustics of the space, program material, ease of use vs power of system, size, noise levels that need to be adhered to, interfacing into public safety systems.

We are happy to do the heavy lifting required to ensure you have your own ‘great solution’ and provide the essential training to ensure you have a usable system from day one.

Professional Video

Professional LED & LCD Display systems for indoor and outdoor signage, touch interactive, broadcast & multimedia.

Our comprehensive display, video and media coverage solutions of and for industries we serve include a range of professional video recording, editing, conversion, and display equipment and accessories.

What you need to know about professional video/display?
Display technology has come a long way since the heyday of CRT monitors or screens.

Now the race is between interactive wall display and/or flat screen, projectors, all of which have more meaningful potential when it comes to viewing, learning and instruction.

Display technologies have their uses, but there are several important considerations to be noted; purpose, audience size and position, image size, visibility, affordability, portability, convenient integration and setup – as a professional installer we decide which display technology serves the best.

WASIT wetland | CCTV Control Room | Pro AV Solution | Oasis Enterprises

Let’s examine the scenario of a CCTV control room.

Apart from switches, extenders and IP solutions for flexible, secure, and reliable control of local and remote IT systems in mission-critical environments, display solution plays an important role in accessing situational awareness.

To achieve this, system design guidelines need to answer the following question:

In what way do we visually present the information? Consider screen size, color settings, image size, and a number of information sources displayed at the same time. Certify high visibility and prevent information from overload.
Ref project: WASIT wetland

Saudi German Hospital Ajman  | Auditorium Audio Video Solutions | Oasis Enterprises

Let’s examine the second scenario of video projection, recording and streaming solution in an auditorium.

Auditoriums – a concrete shell fitted with various technologies, a versatile space that meets the needs of students, professionals and the greater community. Visual Display elements play a key role in the transfer of ideas and information to the audience present in the auditorium.

To achieve this, system design guidelines need to answer the following question:

Why is it important for auditorium to be engaging for audiences? In what way do we interpret visuals? To successfully engage the audience, an effective audio video & lighting system are absolutely necessary, without it your auditorium may not cater to the engagement needs of your audience.

Providing solutions that is worthwhile in terms of maintenance, and whose reliability, performance and efficacy are our main focus in satisfying the key stakeholders!
Ref project: Swiss International Scientific School Dubai

Digital Signage System

ADNOC | Pro AV installation | Digital Signage System | Oasis Enterprises

A digital signage system is generally referred to one or more display devices – indoor and outdoor directview LED walls, LED screens, projection or any other display device – employed for the purposes of marketing, customer engagement, informational display, branding and even recently, emergency communication.

Powerful Internet and network-based media and content delivery methods have enabled the growth in the use of these systems across all industries. They are increasingly considered essential and a de-facto standard across contemporary educational, hospitality, government & corporate facilities.

Digital signage deployments employ software-based authoring and management packages with a wide range of editing and deployment possibilities. These range from very easy to use to powerful packages, which makes deploying media, automation of content and devices easy yet powerful. The technology is powerful and can be used by creative and marketing departments to develop custom applications that present very creative possibilities to use.

Recently, interactivity to content and devices through touch, gestures have enabled a new generation of signage systems no longer confined to a one-way communication but is able to provide additional, rather expected features such as wayfinding, interactive games and marketing. Custom software can be employed to endless possibilities, even in recent times to enable touch-free, interaction for sanitary and safety reasons.

Oasis enterprises are experienced and able to design and install effective digital signage solution, integrated video distribution system along with the complete supporting network infrastructure and more.

Ref project: ADNOC

A few of the products and equipment used and supplied by us includes on-camera monitors, LED monitors, LED Wall, Video Wall, video Scalers, professional video recorders, projectors, screens, 4K projectors, studio monitors, PTZ camera system, Video Distribution & Switching, IPTV and Digital Signage system, video conferencing, ultra-compact video converters, hard drive video recorders, HD combo decks, portable video recorders and a range of other display equipment.

Our service and repair center is equipped with the latest test and measurement tools to provide after-sale support for every kind of pro-audio/video and production equipment.

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