Equips surveillance at Wasit Wetland Centre


Technical Details

Wasit Wetland Centre Sharjah

Sector: Environment & Natural Habitat

Key Equipment

  • IP-based Surveillance & Video Recording System
  • Enterprise level VMS and Storage
  • Monitoring system

Key Element

  • Design
  • Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning

UAE, Sharjah: Oasis Enterprises, a leading systems integrator recently completed a project to provide a video surveillance and recording system for the Wasit Wetland Centre. The centre offers people the chance to get up close to the protected species of birds in their natural habitat.

The Wasit Wetland is a 4.5kmarea of salt plains on the outskirts of Sharjah that serve as a sanctuary for local and migrating birds. The wetlands provide a comprehensive ecosystem, which comprises coastal sand dunes and salt flats, linking ponds and a large, open lake that is maintained by an upwelling of underground water. The objective of the centre is to educate visitors about the birds and, as such, it offers its facilities to both the public and researchers.

The Client called in Oasis Enterprises to design and install a video surveillance and recording system at Wasit Wetland Centre. The purpose of the project was to create a modern integrated control centre to be used by staff and all other council services. The design involved the move into creating areas with associated transmission solutions (industrial network switches with ring topology fibre optic transmission), a matrix of viewing monitors, the introduction of digital recording and control equipment with authorised and controlled access through management software, and more importantly the possibility to cost effectively expand the network to deliver new services in the future.

The solution Oasis PPD designed to achieve this revolved around digital IP-based cameras. The systems integrator opted for a Samsung solution to cover the site with 150 of the Korean manufacturer’s X Series Outdoor MP Bullet Cameras, 50 X Series Outdoor MP Dome Cameras and 10 of the X Series Outdoor MP PTZ Cameras. Supporting to these are Enterprise level VMS and Storage with Raid 5 and eight wall-mounted 55-inch Samsung LED monitors. Cabling for the project was entirely from Norden with large volumes of Cat-6A outdoor cables and fibre optic armoured cables employed with Industrial outdoor managed Network Switches installed in Outdoor GRP Enclosures.

In terms of the project itself, the main concern was to ensure a solution could be installed without disturbing the natural habitat. This led to many rounds of discussions for the planning process and the Oasis PPD team needed to take all sorts of precautions while working on the project. The end result saw the cameras mounted on 50 metal and wooden poles with all the necessary cabling buried.

The final installation was delivered on time to meet the client requirements without any major issues. Following the project, over 200 CCTV cameras with night vision capability can be monitored from the control room and Entrance Security Room and Remote locations. All incidents are recorded and archived by time, date and location. This archived footage can be then played back, with the right access level and a relevant authorisation to access the required incidents.

“Prior to the Wasit Wetland project we had previously worked with the client on other projects, and we were confident that the solution we proposed combined very competitive cost, with superb quality and performance, which was a crucial factor in securing this contract,” concluded Muhammed Shafiq, Manager – CCTV & ELV Systems at Oasis Enterprises.

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