Oasis Enterprises equips Heart-of-Sharjah (Heritage Areas) with 24/7 HD surveillance and PA/VA/BGM Systems.


Technical Details

Heart-of-Sharjah (Heritage area)

Sector: Government – Heritage sites

Key Equipment

  • EN54 - certified LDA Audiotech NEO System
  • Infinitude outdoor PTZ Cameras, Box Cameras
  • Network video server with suite of VMS

Key Element

  • Design
  • Equipment Supply & Installation

UAE, Sharjah: The Heart of Sharjah is a cultural heritage site that is being restored to reflect what Sharjah was like in the 1950s. Though the project is not finished until 2025, the first of five phases is already underway and the site is excepted to attracted more visitors. As per our Client Shurooq there are many more component yet to be completed, when finished, Heart of Sharjah will become an ideal combination of elegance and cultural heritage.

There are many areas & prominent features comprises the Heart of Sharjah:
Historical Buildings, Markets – modern & traditional, Archaeological sites, Children Play Areas, Boutique Hotel, Art Galleries, Retail Shops, Visitor Centre, Restaurants & Cafe.

The rising demand for restoration & safety across multiple sites.
Our job involved working with the client with reference to previous project like “Souq Al Shanasiya”. This is how we got into the picture and started proposing on each component as and when it was asked to provide design for surveillance system and PA/VA/BGM as per the site.

Technical Sales Engineer at Oasis PPD, Muhammad Shafiq says – the client was happy with the quality and performance of CCTV system installed at Souq Al Shanasiya, this made the job easy to convince the client on our proposed system design.

As the client’s key aim to restore the heritage site and to have combine of modern elegance and cultural heritage. Other feature, Heart of Sharjah is cultural destination. It serves the Sharjah Art Foundation as one of the premier venues for the Sharjah Biennial and for changing exhibitions, workshops and events. With this in mind, we at Oasis PPD design the surveillance, PA/VA/BGM systems for the facilities and to protect staff and visitors.

To achieve this, we had to identify a cost-effective Day/Night HD surveillance system combining robust performance with state-of-the-art functionality adding to it was a perfect sound system. Our Engineering team needed a solution to provide centralized control, reliable remote monitoring and full redundancy for key facilities at multiple sites located around.

Challenges: For CCTV system, allocating IDFs locations and Cabling work was very tough, since the objective of the site, nothing should be damage in due course. For Sound system, challenge was to cover the entire areas with sound, for which our engineer managed to provide the good results in achieving it.

Equipment included: Infinique 3PM Outdoor PTZ Cameras, 6MP Outdoor Box Cameras with 100m IR Illuminators for clear night vision even with 0 Lux level; Network video Server; a suite of VMS Software and network outdoor and indoor switches systems.

PA/VA/BGM System EN54 (LDA Audiotech) – LDA NEO, cost-effective system for public address and voice alarm; LDA’s multi-channel amplifier; around 100 Bose outdoor pole mounted speakers. LDA audio tech controlling & amplification system are certified EN54 and are approved by the UAE Civil Defense Authority.

The new control-room at Sharjah Heritage museum was fully equipped with control systems including VMS Software Solution, 24/7 Monitors and Recording server to provide centralized monitoring across the areas.

Both Systems CCTV & PA/VA/BGM Systems are expandable in any direction as the project is growing in phases as per our client’s timeline until 2025.

Further to it a smooth, swift installation and commissioning by our team, the solution is providing cost-effective 24/7 surveillance to improve area safety and protection.

From the desk of GM ( Basel Al Aref ) : “The site is UNESCO candidate, means a lot., Preservation, Heritage which is a pride of UAE. All in all, the system had to be robust performance & full redundancy for safety and protection. The cost-effective solution provided is user-friendly, software enables the facility’s in-house team to easily manage monitoring, playback and reporting. Voice alarm system for a safe evacuation in any emergency situation.”

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