Oasis Enterprises News Update


Dear Oasis Customers & Patron,

We are standing in an unprecedented time for our countries and our industry. Today, our only hope is that you and your loved ones are safe and in good health. The health and safety of Oasis Enterprises employees and our community is our top priority.

Therefore, our team will be mostly working from home. Our office will be closed for all external visitors but still open with skeleton members of our team.

Having taken above measures in line with local authorities directions and instructions, we want to emphasize that our clients business and interests are also of extreme importance to us and we shall do our best to maintain and protect the same. We’ve had to make some changes at Oasis Enterprises to get through the coming weeks and we wanted to share our plans with you. Our hope is that we can get everyone back to full time as soon as possible. We continue to serve you to the best of our ability and have taken extra measures to ensure employees’ safety.

Our management is working in teams and schedules which allow us to keep meeting your daily needs. With that said, we are having some supply chain challenges on some items and the effect on shipping and production around the world continues to impact us. There will be some delays and inconveniences in coming days and weeks, and we’re asking that you exercise special patience and understanding. We are continuously updating recovering plans to minimize the effects on our dear clients and partners. Needless to mention, always feel free to contact our management or concerned team members by email or on their mobiles if you have any clarification or concerns, we shall always be ready to provide any and all possible assistance.

We’re all in this together – walking through uncharted waters. Our collective future is bright. We pledge to continue providing the best services and products for all of you.

If you have questions or concerns about anything at all – feel free to contact us via email (frontoffice@oasisppd.com) Still at your service (but just for once, mainly remote or digitally).

Oasis Enterprises – Management

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