Oasis PPD delivers Surveillance solutions for Al Majaz Waterfront Park


Technical Details

Al Majaz Waterfront Park (CCTV Surveillance & Recording System)

Sector: Parks

Key Equipment

  • IP-based Surveillance & Video Recording System
  • Enterprise level VMS and Storage
  • Monitoring system

Key Element

  • Design
  • Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Sharjah, UAE: Al Majaz Waterfront Park is one of Sharjah’s most significant facilities and a favorite family destination, and the project is set to establish as a landmark that will showcase the local identity, history and culture of Sharjah, while attracting various new tourists and local crowd, thus wanted to create a unique safe place for all.

Oasis PPD, a Dubai-based security solutions provider that delivers IP CCTV security solutions for businesses and government bodies across the region.

The client’s initial approach to Oasis PPD was to replace existing cameras with new ones besides with few additional cameras for the new restaurant areas at the Al Majaz Park. However, the client had its plan of expansion of the park, not only aimed at spreading the greenery and ecological setting, but also includes at enhancing this public space by boosting activity and pairing people of all cultures together.

We are pleased to be working with Majaz Park team during the audit & help them meet their objectives. With our expert advice, a new proposal to design, supply & install totally new CCTV System to cover the entire park 24/7 was submitted. The design was approved after many interactions & meetings. The recreational & parks require ease of use, high-quality images, remote access and a reliable system for successful real-time surveillance. We possess the know-how and skill set to deliver a dependable security system for customers with the recreational & park industry.

During installation, we had few challenges; as the site is located on the corniche area. The reflection of sunlight during sunset was big challenge besides night monitoring. Network cabling work and poles selection area took us long time. We came up with professional outdoor weatherproof cameras with 150dB WDR to control/handle sunlight reflection and night vision with strong park lighting reflection. Hence, we have provided state-of-the-art 24/7 monitoring and recording system.

A new IP based solution will allow the Majaz Waterfront Park to monitor and review footage in real-time through a custom-built control room.

We are well informed of the day-to-day security threats faced by parks and recreational businesses, and have experience to design solutions to conquer threats like vandalism, theft, crime and more while also ensuring public safety.

End result, client’s satisfaction level is high and decided to have the same systems in their other facilities.

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