Oasis PPD lights up MBC studios in Dubai and Riyadh


Technical Details

MBC Broadcast Studio Dubai and Riyadh

Sector: Broadcast Studio

Key Equipment

  • Studio Lighting & Control System
  • Rigging System

Key Element

  • System Integration
  • Equipment Supply, install, testing & commissioning

Dubai – UAE: 

MBC group announced the launch of their latest New broadcast studios in Dubai UAE and Riyadh KSA. MBC the largest private media company in the Middle East and North Africa. Headquartered in Dubai since 2002. The new facility in Dubai covers an area of 20,000 sq. ft., multi-level, on-air studio environment with three broadcast venues dedicated to news, sports, children’s and daytime programming. The group’s other new facility in Riyadh covers an area of 6500 sq. ft. The size accommodate six multipurpose sets, giving a refresh look to its MBC ProSport channel.

Our scope of work involved in supply, installation, testing and commissioning the lighting solution for MBC’s new studio in Dubai Studio City and the MBC ProSports studio in Riyadh. Both Studios utilized cutting edge technology – the project called on lighting technology from Rosco, Desisti and ETC.

We’ve installed more than 3km of Rosco RGBW and Vary White LED strips to illuminate the set, as well as the manufacturer’s Braq Cube for the low ceiling application and its I-Cue moving mirror. Desisti for LED Fresnels and soft lights as well as its motorised hoist, and pantograph. The ETC element of the project called on the manufacturer’s Source 4 LED Lustr+ and Eos family console with back up.

‘Coordination of all of the aspects concerned with the fitting out of an entertainment lighting system can be complex,’ said Karim Abdel Massih, lighting systems manager at Oasis PPD. ‘As in this case running over 3km of LED strips all over the studio and making sure the power and DMX distribution is performed in an orderly manner in order to fulfil any requirements of the lighting operator. 

‘Integration of the lighting system as a whole with all other aspects that make-up the studio was done carefully,’ he continued. ‘With our many years of project management experience and by working closely with the brand partners we ensured that the products arrived on site ready to be installed in sequence. We are honoured to work with the media giant, MBC group, for their new studios. This cutting-edge equipment puts them on par with world’s top studios.’

As this is our mainstay operation and we take pride in offering a flexible design service that ensures client’s needs & requirements are met using the latest technology & the most appropriate equipment.

Oasis Enterprises professional projects team are specialists in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and handover not only television lighting systems also we have executed many projects delivering architainment, theatrical lighting systems, AV and ELV systems in UAE and various parts of GCC.

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